Kitten Pyramid – Uh-Oh! (Album) - April 28th 2014 / by Scott Marson


Experimental rock five­-piece Kitten Pyramid are set to release their striking debut album Uh-Oh! this Spring.  The record juxtaposes so many surprising and jarring elements that The Guardian’s Paul Lester suggests “Picasso himself could have been at the controls.”

In his New Band of the Day column in the Guardian he writes;

 “They’re a progressive rock band. After that, fact-wise, everything is a blur. Even that fact – in fact – is a bit vague, or open to interpretation, conjecture and heated debate, that they’re a progressive rock band, because although there are prog elements in their music, there are also folk ones, punk ones, heavy metal ones, and, oddly, glam ones. One of their tracks sounds like Kaiser Chiefs meets King Crimson, another offers a mashup of mariachi, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Mott the Hoople, and another is like Zappa ripping the piss out of Pink Floyd. Dark Side of the Burnt Weeny Sandwich, anyone?”

Uh-Oh! was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios by producer Nick Brine (Queen, Oasis, Stone Roses), also a huge fan of the band:

“The Kitten Pyramid session was a great experience for me. It was so refreshing to have such an exciting and creative approach to making a record…it is one of the most creative, fun, rewarding and at times heartfelt albums I’ve had the pleasure to work on. I can’t wait for everyone to enter their world.”

Sounding like a wonderful mixture between Swans, Frank Zappa, Bowie and Field Music, Kitten Pyramid was fashioned by artist Scott Milligan who initially put the band together to play the sound track to a movie in the making (also called Uh-Oh!) about Milligan’s late uncle, a Polish immigrant with a history of mental health issues. The movie is centred on a day in his life as he arrives in Burton-Upon-Trent after checking out of hospital. His new employer, ex-billionaire Chester Milligan has an appetite for exotic animals and their first meeting is in his caravan in a field near the local zoo.

Both the album and the movie is the culmination of several talented people collaborating to create something that is refined, spectacular, exciting and intricate but also communicates the beginning of a story which will evolve throughout this year and no doubt fascinate many.

Speaking of the project Scott writes; “I’ve always liked the idea of the band being a collective that can expand and contract depending on the amount of people up for it and the size of the stage. There will always be a core 5 but we’ve been as large as 20 for one gig and aside from the sound engineer sweating a little, it was a great night.

We’re also really keen to explore the therapeutic benefits of music, which is where Arts for Health fell into place and the daytime hospital tour building up to the album release should be an amazing learning experience. I’m really keen to understand what sufferers of Paranoid Schizophrenia experience to help chip away at the stereotype that often gets confused with psychopathic behaviour (which I’m learning are traits more often to be found in Bankers, Managing Directors and Lawyers). Sadly, it’s people like my uncle living on his own in his flat with a mental condition that people are more likely to be afraid of, and THAT’s crazy. He was more likely to be threatened than be threatening. The Uh-Oh! Story and music is all about both characters and their co-existence and will be ultimately be a film.”

Watch Kitten Pyramid’s second single “English Rosa” which Lester refers to as the albums “epic centrepiece”. It features Procol Harum hero Dave Ball starring as the Grim Reaper.

Kitten Pyramids’ Uh-Oh! will be released April 28th on both physical and digital formats and the band will do a series of gigs at psychiatric hospitals, including St Georges in Stafford where Scott’s uncle was a patient. They end up in London with a performance at London’s famous Bedlam hospital on Friday the 25th of April and with their final tour date being the launch party at The Bedford in Balham on that Sunday the 27th.

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